cave of birds

Current setup

posted on: 2022-03-23 23:03

Because I’ve been doing a bit of web design at college recently, I felt like putting to use my refreshed skills into this website. I’ve given it a basic theme and layout but will add more stuff when I get time. Most importantly, I think I have a good setup for just adding posts, and since that works, I will try and write about random stuff more often.

I’ve made some changes to the hosting of this website. I moved away from Nearlyfreespeech after being there for almost 8 years. It was very cheap, and things worked fine, but my funds were almost depleted and thought it’d be a good idea to look elsewhere. I like the community aspect of Neocities, but I think I’m limited to 1GB and filetype restrictions would be a problem.

This time, I am using the free tier of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host this website. I have experience with Linux, so I sort of knew how to get Nginx services configured and running. Allegedly OCI free tier is free forever, but I am unsure about that. I was looking at other providers and found some that would cost less than £5/month. Ideally, I would like to use a SBC but unsure how to set up my home network securely.