cave of birds


posted on: 2014-04-17 03:04

I live on an island and there’s loads of smaller ones nearby. Some are inhabited and some are abandoned. I recently got quite excited at the idea of exploring the abandoned ones with empty houses. But there is a problem preventing me from doing this: I don’t have a boat. Where do I get a boat? I only need to borrow one for a short time. I also don’t know anything about boats and I would probably end up at the bottom of the sea if I did get my hands on one. I don’t really want to kill myself that way.

There’s one island that I would absolutely have to visit but it’s quite far out and the sea in that area is allegedly quite dangerous. The other islands I could go to are sheltered from big waves and strong currents. I’d like to take my tent or a sleeping bag and my camera and get looks of cool photos.

I don’t know how serious the boat issue will be – I might not ever get to do this. I do have other plans to explore one of the inhabited islands which I can easily get to by ferry. That island has a lot of buildings from world war 2. The one thing I’m most interested in is the fuel storage tanks that are inside a hill, accessible by tunnels. I’ve located the two entrances on google maps but I haven’t found any information about if they’ve been blocked off since I was last there.

About 14 years ago I went into one of the tunnels with my father and his German friends. The tunnel had a fence and an iron gate at the entrance. We were able to open the gate and go in. The tunnel was black, spooky and smelled of oil but we didn’t go far because we had to be ready for the ferry.

I think my brother would find this quite interesting so I would have to ask him to come with me. If I don’t ask him to come it would be too easy for me to decide to not bother with any of this.